St. Elizabeth follows the standards put forth by the Archdiocese of Washington.

Early Childhood Program (Preschool through JrK):  Learning through the Joy of Play

Learning through the Joy of PlayIn our Early Childhood Program, students learn how to interact and collaborate with their peers on a daily basis.  With our flexible preschool offerings that include lunch munch and enrichment programs and our full day JrK program that integrates the Archdiocese curriculum into art, science, reading, and math projects, our students are fully prepared and eager to enter the Kindergarten classroom.

Grade School Program(K through 2nd):  Motivated Discovery through Hands On Experience

Motivated Discovery through Hands On ExperienceSt. Elizabeth’s Grade School emphasizes children’s need to practice the skills that they are learning.  Each teacher in our program brings a dedication and a level of expertise that enhances their students’ learning processes through group instruction, hands on learning, and individual attention.   Students begin their spiritual development and are prepared to receive and celebrate the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion.

Intermediate Program (3rd through 5th): Nurturing the Responsible Student

Nurturing the Responsible StudentWhen students enter the 3rd grade classroom, our teachers know that they are ready to begin that transition to greater responsibility.  Our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers take pride in the way that they give students the tools to learn and grow.  During these grades, students develop the skills needed to become an active partner in their own learning.

Middle School Program (6th through 8th): Growing in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Growing in Mind, Body, and SpiritHere at St. Elizabeth’s, we cherish each school day moment as an opportunity for learning.  As our students enter into their middle school curriculum, they are eager to learn both inside and outside the classroom.  As they dive into science lab projects, pre-Algebra and Algebra concepts, novel discussions, and essay writing, they also take a greater role in shaping our school community.  As students run for Student Council seats, write articles for the Saints Newsletter, participate in Robotics tournaments, serve as mentors for our youngest students through our buddy program, and prepare for Confirmation, they continue to grow in their knowledge and faith as they prepare for high school.

2017-2018 Scantron Report