Home and School Association Executive Board


The St. Elizabeth Home and School Association (HSA) serves as the communication liaison between home and school life.  We promote open communication, goodwill and cooperation among parents, faculty and administration.  The HSA manages fundraising efforts and community building events that foster parent engagement and support our school’s vision in creating a community rich in Faith, Tradition, Scholarship, and Service.

HSA Executive Board   

The HSA is an all-volunteer organization led by a (6) officer executive board that supports event Co-Chairs in managing school activities, social functions and fundraisers as well as integrating new parents into the St. Elizabeth Community. 

Appointments & Qualifications

The HSA board officers: (2) Presidents, (2) Vice Presidents, (1) Secretary and (1) Treasurer.

Officers are appointed for a two year term; four year maximum.  Each officer appointment is approved by the Principal with nominations from outgoing HSA officers and input from school administration.  It is advisable that officers have served a minimum of three years as an event Co-Chair in order to be eligible for the board.  Appointments are confirmed in late spring and terms begin the summer of the new school year.  The HSA Board meets once a month during the school year.  Meetings are held in the Church Commons office beginning in August and ending in June.

HSA Newsletter & Calendar of Events

The HSA Board will publish two newsletters each school year highlighting all events and informing the parent community of fundraising efforts.  Each spring, the HSA board will propose an event calendar to include any fundraising initiatives, social events, school speakers, volunteer and outreach for the next school year. 

Finances & Fundraising

All school events managed by HSA are made possible due to fundraising efforts.  Some popular annual events and ongoing activities include the Back to School Picnic, Teacher Appreciation, Santa’s Workshop, Catholic Schools Week, Family Bingo Night, an annual Father-Daughter Dance and Mother-Son event.  The HSA is also committed to collaboration with faculty, parents, and administration in order to provide additional financial support for a variety of important community needs.  Recent funding has supported classroom & technology enhancements, middle school appreciation, building security cameras, and parent-education series speakers.

HSA Executive Board for the 2018-2019 School Year