Extended Care

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For the convenience of our working parents, St. Elizabeth offers Morning Care (7-8 am) and Afternoon Care (3-6 pm) when St. Elizabeth School is in session. On scheduled half days, Afternoon Care runs until 4:30 pm.


To reserve a space in either our Morning or Afternoon Care Programs, please complete and submit the application as soon as possible. Space for our aftercare program is limited and early application is encouraged. As our program is licensed with the State of Maryland, space is limited in both programs; drop-in care is not available for the same reason.

Morning Care Overview (7 am - 8 am regular school days; closed on delayed opening days)

Our morning care staff provides a welcoming, calm space for students to acclimate to the school day.  Parents are asked to accompany their children into the APR, by way of the gym entrance, and officially sign their child into the program.  Students are welcome to play with games, read books, color, study, or simply relax before the 8:00am bell.

Afternoon Care Overview (3 pm – 6 pm regular school days: 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm on half days)

Our afternoon care staff appreciates each student’s need to wind down from the rigors of the school day.  Upon arrival, students will have time and opportunity to play outdoors, weather permitting, or indoors in our gymnasium, eat a snack, work on homework, and enjoy socializing with peers.  Parents are asked to officially sign their children out when picking up, either in the APR (prior to 5:00) by way of the gym entrance, or in the walkers’ lobby (after 5:00 pm).

Hours and Dismissal

  • Aftercare runs from 3;00 pm to 6:00 pm when school is in session for a full day.
  • If you arrive prior to 5:00 pm children are dismissed through the gym entrance.
  • If you arrive after 5:00 pm children are dismissed through the walkers lobby.
  • 1/2 days. On scheduled half days we are open until 4:30pm. Children must bring a lunch and drink. Dismissal is through the gym entrance.
  • We do not operate when the school is closed. HoopEd usually has a "camp" at St. Elizabeth's and many of the Extended Care families use the program for child care needs during holiday breaks.

Rates (Per day per child)

  • Morning Care: $6.50 per child, per day

    Afternoon Care: $17.00 per child, per day (4 – 5 days per week)

    Afternoon Care: $19.00 per child, per day (2 – 3 days per week)

     A LATE FEE will be collected if children are not picked up by the designated dismissal times (6:00 pm regular days, 4:30 pm half days):   $10 will be assessed for the first minute late, and an additional $1, per minute, will also be assessed.  Payment will be expected at this time.


  • Full-day 4s, JK, K, and 1st and 2nd graders are escorted from their respective classrooms to the APR.  The children are officially signed into the day’s program, wash their hands, and enjoy snack time. First graders are then supervised while they complete homework and younger students play quietly indoors or are supervised during outdoor play.

  • Grades 3-8 report from their respective classrooms to the gym and are officially signed into the day’s program.  They then enjoy free-play outdoors, weather providing, or in the gym.  After, they wash their hands, enjoy a snack, and are escorted to their assigned homework rooms.  Upon completion of homework and studying, students may return to the APR, gym, or outdoors until parents arrive for pick-up.

  • A wide array of board and card games, athletic equipment, Lego and other building toys, arts and crafts, dolls, cars, and drawing materials are available for all our student participants to enjoy.  On special occasions, children are treated to guest speakers, movies, and other treats.


  • Children are offered a variety of snacks including fruits, individually packaged snacks, string cheese, hummus and other items.  Families are welcome to provide their children with specific, dietary required snacks, as needed.  We do our best to avoid peanut and other nut-based snacks, but St. Elizabeth School is not a nut free school.

Student Handbook

  • Extended Care follows the policies and procedures of St. Elizabeth School. Please see the school handbook for details.


  • Each member of our staff is cleared through the U.S. Justice Department criminal clearance process; completes the Virtus training mandated by the Archdiocese of Washington; and is trained in CPR and First Aid.

    As a State of Maryland licensed extended care provider, we maintain a teacher to child ratio of 1:10 with our pre-school and 1st grade students and 1:15 with our 2nd – 8th grade students.

Weather Policy

  • St. Elizabeth School and the Extended Care Program follows the Montgomery County Public School inclement weather policy.  In the event MCPS announces a school closure, St. Elizabeth School will also close.  In the event MCPS announces an early dismissal, our extended care program will close two hours beyond the announced time (Example: if school will close at 1:30 pm, our afternoon care program will close at 3:30 pm).  In the event MCPS announces a delayed morning opening, St. Elizabeth School will not operate morning care.

Extended Care Forms

  Questions? Email Extended Care at stextendedcare@stelizabethschoolmd.org