Community Outreach has always been an important aspect here at St. Elizabeth School. From our monthly tag days to our school wide initiatives, we continue to support those in need. This past year brought us our Kindness is Contagious campaign with donations to Stepping Stones through pledges and a coat drive.

This year’s Fostering Kindness theme will allow our school to continue to work to support each other and our community through our purposeful thoughts and actions of kindness.  Please read our 2017-2018 Outreach Letter for details of this year's events.

Comfort Cases Fall Outreach

Beginning in October, St. Elizabeth Outreach Committee is excited to announce our school's partnership with Comfort Cases for this quarter's Fall Outreach Project.  The committee will be collecting funds during our annual Halloween Parade to support foster children through this organization.  We also invite families to participate in the Comfort Case Challenge and assemble a backpack for a foster child.  Please contact Melissa Valencia, Outreach Committee Chair, with any questions.  Thank you for your support!